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Nov. 4th, 2015 10:46 pm
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 Still trying to figure out how I want to handle this journal. 

Feels weird to be back to blogging in a fannish sphere after so long in not doing so. 

Sure, I've got my tumblr and twitter but (at least until recently with twitter) they've not been really a fannish space for me. More like a fannish lurking place. 

I really do want to try to connect with fandom again but I don't feel like I know how to do so. 

I've been posting on longformfandom but I'm not really connecting the way I remembered doing so in my younger fannish years.

Which is frustrating as there are so many lovely seeming people out there. Also, I see people who I remember from when I use to be an active from my fandom past 9not close fannish friends just people active back then) and it's comforting to see them but it feels like such a weird thing to reach out and say, "Hi, remember [insert fandom here]?" when it's obvious we've both moved on.  

Also, my definition of "fandom" is so much more than just movies, tv, and books. 

Like warcraft. That's a big fannish love of mine but it's not one where I have "fanfic" needs. More like, this is what I love let me drown you in it!, rather than oooh STEREK!

Does that make sense? Is this what getting back on the date wagon feels like? 

The joys of a middle-aged fan. :P

In other news, I really need to remember how to do the mood icon thingy.
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