Nov. 5th, 2015

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 I might be without the Internet for awhile in the next week or so due to RL stuff. 

So I am currently downloading my fave fanfics from various fandoms so I'll have stuff to keep me entertained.

As I'm hunting down stuff from AO3 and the net, I'm realizing how much what I use to enjoy is no longer so appealing any longer.

The biggest example of this is Snape/Harry. Back in the day I was ALL over snarry and now I'd rather read them with a father/son relationship than lovers

I think part of it is just that I'm older and have more perspective on life and a better understanding of the challenges that exist for people with such a huge age gap being in a relationship AND a better understanding of the issues of any relationship between a student and their teacher.

But it's also how much more life experiences I've had since I've had my first fandom interactions online and how much that's affected what I "know" when it comes to fics and how I react to them. Does that make sense? *scratches head*


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